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Pool & Spa Supplies

We carry many different chemicals and equipment for all of your pool and spa needs. We also repair and install filters, pumps, heater replacements, plumbing repairs, sand replacement, chlorinators and salt generators and controllers to simplify your equipment operation. We service and maintain pools throughout Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County and the surrounding area of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

  • Vacuums
  • Pumps, chlorinators, hoses
  • Chemicals, chlorine, shock, algaecide, salt, winter kits
  • Poles & nets
  • Water test kits

Pool Water Test

Accurate testing of your pool and spa water is an critical step in the regular maintenance of your pool or spa. Frequent use or changes in weather depletes essential elements and can alter the chemistry of your water. Stop in for you 15 point pool test for free! We will tell you immediately what you need to keep your water perfect.

    Equipment Upgrades and Repairs

    Lilly Pool and Spa has a full warehouse of pool equipment and parts for your swimming pool because when a customer’s pool is down, they need it repaired immediately.  We recognize that time is of the essence and we strive to have all the parts you may need. Please call 610-273-2449, for any equipment replacements, i.e. filters, heaters, pumps and chlorinator replacements, as well as plumbing and valve replacements.  We can add a salt system and/or a total control system to maintain your pool water and we have many innovative and energy saving products that we can introduce to you as well.

    Equipment upgrades:

            • Heaters ( Pentair, Hayward, Zodiac, Fluidra )
            • Pumps (Sta-Rite, Pentair, Jandy, Hayward, Fluidra)
            • Filters (Sand, Cartridge, DE – all makes and models)
            • Pressure testing and plumbing repair
            • Automation: Controls lights, pumps and water features. All makes and models
            • Salt Systems (Zodiac, Fluidra)

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