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Residential Services

We offer many services for in-ground pools. We perform pool openings, closings, weekly and bi-weekly maintenance services. We also repair and install filters, pumps, heater replacements, plumbing repairs, sand replacement, chlorinators and salt generators and controllers to simplify your equipment operation. We service and maintain pools throughout Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County and the surrounding area of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

  • Spring Pool Opening
  • Fall Pool Closing
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Equipment Upgrades and Repairs

Pool Opening

Your swimming pool should be fun and something your family and friends enjoy. So let Lilly Pool and Spa help you get a good start for Spring by scheduling your Pool Opening today or request an appointment. Spring is a very busy time so schedule early. We recommend cleaning off decks and covers prior to our arrival. We recommend adding chemicals throughout the winter and prior to our arrival to ensure maximum service performance. Services preformed at pool opening:

  • Remove Pool Cover
  • Start-up Equipment (heater upon request)
  • Brush walls and steps
  • Vacuum Pool (only if water is clear when we arrive)
  • Inspect and re-install deck equipment
  • Add chemicals
  • Note: Customer needs to have water level ½ way into skimmer housing. Place hose under cover and fill.
    Please make sure your dogs are leashed, baskets are left out and gates/entry ways are accessible.

    Pool Closing

    We hope you and your family enjoyed your pool this summer. We recommend closing as late as possible since we have been experiencing warm falls and mild winters. Prior to our closings, we recommend you bring us a water sample and balance your pool water prior to our arrival so the chemicals can circulate 24 – 48 hours before closing and have the pool clean to save extra service time. We encourage everyone during the winter months to add chemicals to maintain clear water. You should pull back your cover and add liquids directly to water. This helps prevent green water and makes for an easier opening in the spring. Schedule your Pool Closing today or request an appointment.

    Services performed at closing include:

    • Winterize Equipment – pumps, filters, heater, chlorinators
    • Blow out skimmer and return lines
    • Vacuum Pool (if requested)
    • Remove deck equipment, if required
    • Add Chemicals (may need additional chemicals during winter months)
    • Install Pool Cover

    Pool Closing Recommendations:

    • Customer needs to have covers left out at deck area
    • Customer needs to have as many leaves out of pool as possible
    • Customer needs to have covers, plugs and all other related equipment needed for closing are left out, Dogs are leashed and gates and entry ways are accessible.

    Routine Maintenance

    During the Spring, Summer and Fall, Lilly Pool and Spa offers to maintain pools and spas on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  If you go on vacation and need someone to maintain and check on your pool or spa once a week, we can assist you here also.  Please call us to discuss your routine maintenance needs. For residential pools, we are here for you if you need us to perform the following maintenance services:

            • Water chemistry checked and balanced
            • Tiles brushed
            • Surface of the pool skimmed
            • Pool vacuumed
            • Walls and steps brushed
            • Baskets emptied
            • Equipment inspected
            • Backwashing
            • Add water while there

      Equipment Upgrades and Repairs

      Lilly Pool and Spa has a full warehouse of pool equipment and parts for your swimming pool because when a customer’s pool is down, they need it repaired immediately.  We recognize that time is of the essence and we strive to have all the parts you may need. Please call 610-273-2449, for any equipment replacements, i.e. filters, heaters, pumps and chlorinator replacements, as well as plumbing and valve replacements.  We can add a salt system and/or a total control system to maintain your pool water and we have many innovative and energy saving products that we can introduce to you as well.

      Equipment upgrades:

              • Heaters ( Pentair, Hayward, Zodiac, Fluidra )
              • Pumps (Sta-Rite, Pentair, Jandy, Hayward, Fluidra)
              • Filters (Sand, Cartridge, DE – all makes and models)
              • Pressure testing and plumbing repair
              • Automation: Controls lights, pumps and water features. All makes and models
              • Salt Systems (Zodiac, Fluidra)

      Pool Safety Covers

      A pool safety cover is the best way to protect  family and friends and to optimize your investment, ensuring your swimming pool will remain the source of fun and enjoyment it was intended to be. If you already have a pool, or if you’re planning to build one, remember, a pool without a pool cover is like a house without a roof.  Lilly Pool and Spa has extensive experience installing safety pool covers and is a certified dealer for Anchor Industries, Inc and Merlin.  Guard against accidents, seal out winter’s dirt and debris, and keep your pool area attractive all year long.  Click on our partner link below to see their full line of product offerings.   Then, call us at 610-273-2449 for a free consultation to discuss your specific pools’ needs.

      Defender Mesh Safety Pool Covers
      Add an extra layer of protection to your pool with Defender® Mesh. The innovative Defender Mesh Safety Pool Cover from Anchor Industries has many great features. First, it inhibits algae growth by stopping 98% of sunlight. Next, it reduces chemical loss from pool water. It also has D-Rings for ease of installation and webs are sewn on the bottom side of the cover so leaves and other debris can be easily removed. Brass anchors recess flush with the deck, when not in use.

      5-Star Solid Safety Pool Cover
      All Anchor Safety Pool Covers guard against accidental entry, winters debris, and they keep your luxurious pool area attractive all year long. The 5-Star Safety Pool Cover from Anchor Industries features 360 degree tensioning for maximum strength and protection. 5-Star covers are constructed using 14 oz coated vinyl with heavy duty springs that stretch to accommodate the weight of winter precipitation. Tension webs are welded into place, leaving no conventional sewing perforations to weaken the cover. No cross webbing to trap leaves and debris. Brass anchors recess flush with the deck, when not in use.

      Replacement Cover
      If it’s time for a new cover, we can take your old cover and have it remade.

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