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Even though it’s winter and your pool is closed, you still need to keep a keen eye on things to make sure there aren’t any surprises when you open the pool in the spring!

1. Keep an eye on your pool
If you have a hard cover make sure it is clear of debris and use a water pump to remove standing water. Keeping water puts a lot of weight and stress on the cover. Take a look under your cover and skimmers as well. 

2. Check on your equipment
Take a look at your equipment to confirm that there isn’t any damage due to winter storms.

3. Freezing Temperatures
If water rises above the tile level during heavy storms, make sure you reduce the water level to 4 inches under the tile line to protect from freezing your tile and coping.

4. Clean your pool area
Keep your pool area clean by blowing leaves and debris away from the pool. Storing summer furniture away from the pool is a great idea. In a strong storm chairs, tables or umbrellas could puncture your cover. 

By keeping an eye on your pool and surroundings during the winter months will make for an easy  pool opening this spring!

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